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Always write down the chasis number and contact the main agency to find out about the accidents and anything related. Ask about maintanance too.

When buying a used car in the UAE, the first thing to check should be if the car complies with Gulf specifications. One of the crucial Gulf specifications is building additional cooling intelligence in the engine to protect it from the Gulf summers. Needless to say, a US or European spec. would do just the opposite!

This one is regarding car insurance. You should do your homework before getting your car insured. Ask the insurance company, what all are covered and more important what are not covered. A bit of investigation & cross-checking could get the car owner a better policy for the same cost.

Items to be checked are (for a comprehensive coverage):

  1. Geographical Coverage - for the same cost you could include Oman.
  2. Driver & Passenger Accident Benefit :- Normally not covered unless requested. Cost Dh 240 for driver & all passengers. Please note the coverage is subject to age limit (between 18 & 60 years).
  3. Wind screen Damage - benefit of no claim.
  4. Third Party liability limit for life (Normally unlimited).
  5. Third party liability limit for property (Most cos provide a limit of Dh 1 million).
  6. No claim bonus should be specified.
  7. Authorised Repair Limit - should insist for no limit.
  8. Agency Repair. Normally agency repair would require a slightly higher premium but it is worth to include it.
  9. Coverage for loss of personal effects (by fire / theft)- normally 500 - 1000 Dh.
  10. Coverage of medical expenses @ 500 dh per person.
  11. Coverage for natural calamities normally not covered in a standard policy. To be included without any extra cost.

Its best when you take your auto to your local shop that you tell them all the things that you know are wrong, although you may think that they are not related, they may!

When you are servicing your car: get an estimate in writing before any work is started and ask that all of the parts are removed or replaced are saved and given to you to inspect or take home.

The best time to buy a car is one week before the end of the month or a big holiday such as New Year, because most dealers have to sell particular number of cars. They also have floor plan, which means that the car can not be on the "floor" for too long, mostly those cars are inside the showroom. They are also called demo cars.

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