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Traffic Violations and Fines in United Arab Emirates

General Dept. of Traffic Dubai Police General H.Q.

In their endeavour to promote public security in the widest sense it is our pleasure in the General Traffic Department to make available to you this small explanatory publication containing a list of traffic offences and associated penalties as started in the Schedule to the Federal Traffic Law No. 21 for 1995 which became effective on Augest, 29th., 1997.

Drivers are advised to conform to traffic rules and regulations and avoid committing traffic offences that may result, not only in fines, but also in "Black Points" which, if accumulated, can result in a suspension of the driving licence or even harsher penalties.

001Disobeying Traffic Policeman's Instruction.200
002Failing to observe Traffic Signs and Instructions.100
003Absconding from Traffic Policeman.200
004Failing to stop after causing an accident or damage to others.100
005Refusal to give name/adress to Traffic Policeman.200
006Obstructing Traffic.100
007Placing Traffic signs on the road which cause damage or obstruction.100
008Stopping vehicle on pedestrian crossing or without consideration of legally specified distance from crossroads on bends.100
009Parking which could endanger pedestrians or impede their movement.100
010Failure to take appropriate action to ensure traffic safty when vehicle breaks down.100
011Attempting to enter a road without making sure it is clear hense causing delays to traffic.200
012Exceeding speed limit (by Radar).200
013Driving at a speed below specified for "minimum speed" for the road.100
014Driving recklessly and causing danger to public200
015"Jumping" red traffic signals.500
016Performing illegal turning manoeuvre.100
017Driving in opposite direction to traffic flow.200
018Violating "NO ENTRY" sign.200
019Reversing in a dangerous manner.100
020Not giving way to Emergency, Police, Public Service or Official vehicles.200
021Not giving way to vehicle coming from left where required.100
022Not changing lane to allow a following vechicle to overtake from left side.100
023Overtaking on the right or dangerously.150
024Dangerous overtaking by lorry drivers.400
025Overtaking where prohibited.400
026Vehicles entering the road in a dangerous manner.400
027Not keeping safe stopping distance from vehicle ahead.100
028Sudden deviation of vehicle.150
029Not staying in lane when compulsory to do so.100
030Not giving way to pedestrains.100
031Driving heavy goods vehicles in prohibited areas.100
032Not giving signals when turning or changing direction.150
033Towing a vehicle or boat or trailer without proper precautions.100
034Loading a vehicle in such a way to cause danger to others or to the road.100
035Leakage or failing of materials from vehicle.100
036Throwing litter out of the vehicle onto public road.100
037Use of horn in restricted areas in a disturbing manner.100
038Driving at night or in a fog without using lights.150
039(Use of rotating multi-colour lights).100
040Modifications to vehicle without permission from licencing authority.100
041Using vehicle internal lights while driving without valid reason.50
042Failing to use internal lights in buses when driving at night.100
043Driving with a license issued from a foreign country in a manner not authorised.150
044Driving a vehicle of a different category to that specified in200
045Driving without wearing medical glasses or lenses.100
046Not wearing a helmet when driving a motorcycle.200
047Not carrying driving license or vehicle registration.100
048Not presenrting driving license when requested.100
049Not presenting vehicle registration when requested.100
050Teaching someone to drive without a teaching permit.200
051Driving a taxi without a permit.100
052Driving a taxi with an expired sponsorship.100
053Driving a vehicle not licenced by licencing authority.200
054Driving a vehicle with an expired driving licence.100
055Failing to renew vehicle registration on expiry and an additional delay penalty of AED 10 for every month (or part of) delay after three months of expiry date.100
056Carrying passengers in a vehicle used for learning to drive.100
057Teaching to drive vehicle outside times and places specified by licencing authority.100
058Use of vehicle for purposes other than designed for.100
059Excess loading or load protruding more than specified limit without permit.200
060Violating rules for use of trade number plates.100
061Driving without number plates or with one number plate only.200
062Differences between number plates for cab, trailer and semi-trailer.100
063Unclear number plates.150
064Teaching to drive in a vehicle not designated for that purpose without a permit from a licencing authority.100
065Driving a vehicle which does not conform to safety requirements.150
066Vehicle unfit to be driven not road-worthy.150
067Tyres in unfit condition while driving.100
068Indicators or or lighting equipments not in working order.100
069Abscence of red light at the rear of the vehicle.100
070Rear and side lights on a trailer not provided or not in working condition.150
071Driving a vehicle emitting excessive noise.100
072Driving a vehicle that causes pollution to the environment or emits gases and vapours containing compounds in excess of specified rations.300
073Carrying out fundimental changes to the engine or chassis without permit.400
074Not having the vehicle inspected after material modification to engine or body.100
075Parking in no parking area.150
076Failure to make sure that vehicle is securely parked.150
077Leaving vehicle on the road with its engine running.100
078Parking the vehicle on the left side of the road where parking is not allowed.150
079Parking infront of water hydrants, handycapped or ambulance parking places.100
080Misuse of parking spaces.100
081Parking on footways (pavements).150
082Parking behind parked vehicles which prevents their exit.150
083Writing or fixing stickers (on the vehicles) of indecent material.100
084Teaching to drive in a vehicle withot L-Plate.100
085Failure to display approved tariff in buses and taxis or failure to present it when required.150
086Failure to fix reflectors to the rear of heavy goods or transport vehicles.100
087Failure to write heavy vehicle load on its side.100
088Failure to attach what may indicate excess permitted load.100
089Failure to fix taxi sign in appropriate places.100
090Not conforming to specified colour for taxis or L-Plate cars.100
091Stopping of taxis with designated stopping places in unauthorised stops.100
092Refusal to carry passengers in a taxi.100
093Not conforming to loading or unloading regulations in stations (if present).100
094Opening left door of a taxi.100
095Touting for passengers.50
096Failure to adhere to authorised tariff.100
097Carrying more passengers than permitted.50
098Smoking in taxis and buses and failure to keep them clean inside and out.100
099Failure to wear specified taxi drivers uniform or keep it tidy.100
100Failure to provide vertical exhaust pipe in heavy vehicles.200
101Failure to cover load in lorries.100
102Crossing the road by pedestrains at places not designated for their passage (if provided).50
103Not wearing seat belt while driving (as from 29/05/1998).100

* - all fines in AED (Arab Emirates Dirham). 1 AED = 0.27 USD

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